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You have extraordinary things to bring forth in the world. 
My mission is to consolidate and amplify your vitality in the service of that greatness.

What’s preventing you from stepping into your power? 
What gets in the way of you showing up as your best self? 

  • Is it migraine headaches?  Debilitating menstrual pain?  Unpredictable bowel habits?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?  Are hot flashes interrupting your focused attention?
  • Is your period so heavy you're afraid to leave the house?  Is your skin so inflamed that it hurts to get dressed in the morning?  Are your allergies so bad you can hardly see for all the phlegm?  

Have you been disappointed with your treatment options or outright dismissed by other healthcare providers?

Have you been told there is nothing wrong with you or that nothing can be done?  

Have they said you just have to live with it?

I am here with a unique understanding of your symptoms and physiology, a comprehensive treatment plan, and the opportunity to cultivate a different outcome for your health and your future.

Tell me your story. I hear you, I see you, and I use the extraordinary tools of Chinese medicine to bring you back to your most extraordinary self. 

What are you waiting for?

What's your story? Let's find out.


What people are saying:
"I feel very fortunate to have found her..."
"You are the ONE health care practitioner in which I have complete faith..."
"Alexa is one of the most amazing healers I have ever met..."
"...the effects of Alexa's treatments are indisputable: I feel like I traded in my previous body for a much better model..."

Welcome - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME

Alexa Gilmore

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What's your body telling you?
Let's find out.

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Welcome - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME