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(A bit of) Alexa's Story

Alexa's Story - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME

This is me with my fabulous grandmother.  She turned 95 in May and still attends regular exercise classes.  She goes to lectures and to the theater.  She's a voracious reader of non-fiction and recently asked for a new World Atlas to ensure her memorization of world capitals was current.  When an atrial fibrillation landed her in the hospital a few summers ago (don't worry, she's okay), doctors from all over the hospital gathered around her echocardiogram, amazed at the condition of her heart.  They said it looked like that of a woman half her age.  Her medications consist only of aspirin and a low dose beta-blocker (both just since the A-fib) and a handful of daily vitamins. She's got “good genes,” to be sure, but her good health is due to more than that. Forty years ago, suffering from constant allergies, brain fog, debilitating fatigue, and doctors without answers, my grandmother took it upon herself to get better.  She sought out alternative solutions and changed her diet and lifestyle.  Her symptoms resolved, and her quality of life increased exponentially. 

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This is my equally inspiring mother.  She turned 65 in April, takes weekly kettle bell classes, recently graduated from yoga teacher-training, and can do more push-ups than I.  (Thanks for showing me up, Mom.)  A retired elementary school teacher, she'll soon be back educating, this time teaching yoga to kids.  She spends one day a week with my young nephews, taking them on nature hikes, playing hide and seek, digging in the dirt, and generally being the most engaged, energetic grandma  a couple of 7 and 5-year old boys could ask for.

The vitality enjoyed by my mother and grandmother is no accident.  It is something they’ve cultivated, tended to, and nurtured over the course of their lives, and that attention has served them well.  As such, I was raised on the assumption that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself—it just needs the proper tools.  A fascination with that assumption led me into health care, and my study and practice of Chinese medicine reaffirms that assumption every day.  Not every malady is curable, and some issues are indeed recalcitrant and difficult to treat.  But the healing capabilities of the human body and spirit are vast, and it is a joy and an honor to hasten them along and to witness their unfolding. 

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Alexa's Story - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME