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What is eczema?
When we say “eczema,” what do we mean? “Eczema” is synonymous with “dermatitis,” and there are many types: atopic, pompholyx, nummular, and stasis, just to name a few. Pompholyx, dyshidrotic, or vesicular eczema is notable for just that: the vesicles or small blisters that are the hallmark of this condition. Very itchy vesicles form on the sides of the fingers and palms of the hands (occasionally the feet or toes). The itchy active phase lasts 1-2 weeks before resolving into a dry, scaling phase. Often, just as things appear to be healing, an active phase begins again and the whole itchy, frustrating cycle continues...
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This woman had a 25yr history of hand eczema. Of all the many interventions she'd tried over the years, Chinese herbal medicine had the most lasting effect:
Eczema -

Eczema -

Eczema -

This woman had a history of small patches of dry skin on her lower legs that would crop up in winter. At one point they worsened enough to prompt a visit to a dermatologist; she received an eczema diagnosis and managed the on-going but minor outbreaks with a topical steroid cream. One year later, after a period of extraordinary life stress and a decision to discontinue using the steroid cream entirely, her skin erupted as it never had before (an all-too-common phenomenon in dermatology, known as a “rebound effect”).  She came to me somewhat desperate, with itchy, red, swollen lesions on her arms chest, face, and lower legs.  The photos below show the significant improvement in her skin after only one month of internal Chinese medicines. After four months of treatment, her skin is clear and stable.

Eczema - Eczema - Eczema - Jan 2016                                   1 mo                                         2mos                                                                 

Eczema - Eczema -
3mos                                         4mos


This patient had a long history of eczema, dating back to childood.  It got very bad in her early 20s, but cleared with a round of topical steroids. Five years ago, at age 40, it returned with a vengeance and multiple interventions--including prednisone and an immune suppressant—provided little lasting relief; lesions would clear, but return right away. She came to me in December 2015 with eczema covering her entire body and skin that was hot, swollen, painful, and rapidly deteriorating. After less than four months on an individualized internal herbal formulation, her skin is almost completely clear and very stable. We will continue working together for a few months to get her skin and system as stable as possible, and fortify her against future flare-ups. Read her full testimonial here.

Eczema - Eczema - Before: Dec 2015                                           After: March 2016

Eczema - Before: Dec 2015                                               After: March 2016

Before: Dec 2015                                             After: March 2016

Before x 2: Dec 2015                                                                 After: March 2016

Before x2: Dec 2015                                                               After: March 2016


10/6/14, torso, worsening outbreak:

10/29/14, torso, only hyperpigmentation (discoloration) remains:

"Having seen before and after pictures of the success Alexa has had in treating skin conditions prompted me to call her during my most recent outbreak of eczema. I had intensely itchy, large patches on my hips, thighs and abdomen that I had self-treated for about a week...unsuccessfully. After the first treatment with Alexa, the itching reduced dramatically. I continued with occasional acupuncture supplemented with a prescribed herbal tea and finally a topical cream. My skin is now completely clear. I would highly recommend Alexa for any skin eruption. Just don't wait a week to call her like I did."
-IL, Dec 2014

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