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Impetigo is a common, contagious, bacterial infection of the skin. It most commonly affects area the face, especially around the nose and mouth. This patient's skin deteriorated dramatically over the course of a single weekend from a slight "pimple" to what you see in the first picture, below. Less than 3 days later there was marked improvement, and within two weeks her skin had completely recovered from the infection and all hyperpigmentation had resolved, as well. She remarked, "The beautiful part of all of this is that the healing took place without the use of pharmaceutical antibiotics." I couldn't agree more. This is a wonderful example of the power of Chinese herbal medicine at work. 

Impetigo -
Acute impetigo, 3 days after onset

Impetigo -
Less than 3 days after Chinese herbal intervention

Two weeks later, following up: all infection, swelling, and most hyperpigmentation completely resolved.

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Impetigo -