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Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a distinctive inflammatory eruption primarily affecting females aged 20-35 (though it can affect men and women of any age).  It consists of a pale red, slightly scaly, papular (i.e. small bumps) and occasionally pustular (i.e. small bumps containing pus) eruption around the mouth, nose, and eyes.  It typically presents with a "sparing of the vermillion border," meaning the eruptions may cover the chin, surround the nose, and even extend up to the eyes, but will not extend to the lips.

This patient had suffered with the condition for 4.5 years.  It was repeatedly misdiagnosed as a fungal infection, for which several topical anti-fungal treatments were prescribed with little improvement.  In the "before" pictures, take notice of the background erythema (i.e. background redness) of her skin, the cluster of red papules under her right nostril, as well as the redness and papules scattered in the region of her chin.  After treatment the redness, scaling, and itching are gone, and the papules near her nose and on her chin resolved. 

Perioral Dermatitis - Perioral Dermatitis -
Oct 2013                                                                 March 2014

Oct 2013                                                                   March 2014

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Perioral Dermatitis -