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About Therapeutic Manual Therapy

The physical and emotional ways in which we move through the world directly impact
Therapeutic Manual Therapy - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, MEthe structures of our physical body.  We develop holding patterns in our soft tissues and lines of tension throughout our musculoskeletal system as we respond to the demands of our environment and move through our daily activities.  Minor asymmetries and imbalances can add up to larger ones over time, and quite often they lead to patterns of chronic pain and tension.  Injury, trauma, and surgery have a more direct impact on the integrity of the myofascial and musculoskeletal system, and, if left unaddressed, may also lead to patterns of pain, tension, and restriction that linger long after the original injury has “healed.”

Some universally recognized benefits of manual therapies include:

  • Relief from muscle pain, tension, soreness, and fatigue
  • Promotion of healthy muscle and connective tissue
  • Decreased potential for injury
  • Facilitation of soft-tissue healing and decreased scarring
  • Creation of strong and mobile scar tissue in the event of an injury
  • Restoration/maintenance of normal range of motion
  • Increased blood circulation and lymph return
  • Reduced stress and anxiety; mental calm and clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved concentration, balance, posture, and motor skills
  • Improved mood, increased vigor, greater sense of well-being
  • Stimulation of digestion and promotion of digestive health

    Alexa Gilmore offers Portland Maine dermatology in Portland, MEManual therapy is an adjunct treatment at ATX Acupuncture, employed in the context of an acupuncture treatment to complement the benefits of the needles. It assists with postural imbalances, stress management, chronic pain, injury, and a whole host of musculoskeletal and internal issues similar to those that may be treated by acupuncture.  Our approach is rooted in the precepts of myofascial release, CranioSacral Therapy, and Chinese medical theory.  Prior to each session we’ll discuss your short and long term goals, and from there we'll draw on studied and clinical knowledge to tailor a treatment specific to you and your individual needs.  Questions about whether you might benefit from our unique combination of acupuncture and therapeutic manual therapy?  Please feel free to contact us!

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Therapeutic Manual Therapy - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME