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Urticaria (Hives)


Urticaria (Hives) - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME


Alexa Gilmore offers Portland Maine dermatology in Portland, ME

When I sought out treatment with Alexa Gilmore, it was upon referral from a colleague of hers that I had seen for acupuncture.  I had begun to develop hives on my arms.  When I had finally gone for treatment, after realizing the hives weren’t going away on their own, my then current acupuncturist referred me to Alexa rather quickly.  He told me she specialized in skin conditions.  And he was absolutely correct!!

"Even without having previous experience with herbs, I was immediately hopeful after my initial appointment with Alexa.  She was somehow able to translate what I was able to convey to her around my symptoms and my observations, into a language that fit into Chinese medicine.  And our conversations matched, curiously so, even though at times it felt like she was interpreting my words into a different language; one that got us to the correct, necessary and powerful concoction of herbal tea that sent me on my way to healing.

"Coming from someone who has a strong belief that the body has the potential to heal itself, I was very hesitant about taking any medications that would suppress this process that I saw as cathartic.  The herbs Alexa prescribed, without question, left me feeling like my body was still fully able to purge and rid itself of all it was clearing through this intense hive outbreak, while allowing me to manage the symptoms on a much smaller scale.  Alexa was keenly aware of my desire to not shut down this process and was able to walk me though this trying time of intense physical sensation.

"As a practitioner myself, I hold a high level of quality that I give and receive.  Alexa is without a doubt, a top notch practitioner that has helped me tremendously.  Her knowledge, wisdom and sense of intuition is an excellent combination.  I am grateful to have her on my small team of ‘go-to’ practitioners that bring their best to the table."
-RA, Oct 2014

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Urticaria (Hives) - ATX Acupuncture in Portland, ME